Final Project Update

Due date: Monday, June 1

Create a folder in your compjour-hw repo named: final-project.

For this assignment, create a file named:

  |_____ final-project/

(The final project info page)

By Monday, I want to know:

  1. What progress you've made so far: what data you've collected, what you've cleaned, organized, etc. I recommend keeping code/notes in your repo. I often do this when trying to figure out a dataset (here's a quick memo I wrote for Iowa's liquor sales data)

  2. What roadblocks you've run into: is there any changes to your overall plan?

  3. A cocktail-napkin quality sketch/mockup of what your page will look like. I don't care if you Instagram a pencil sketch. Just draw at least the front page/main view of your project.